Here’s a little bit about our services...

Below are highlights of some of major services used in the industry:

Thermoformed Trays

Medical Procedural Trays (Inner Trays & Outer Trays, Syringe Trays, Device Trays.
All materials used in manufacturing are lot controlled and traceable to meet FDA requirements and Recycling

HDPE Pouch Backer Cards

Product Tags, Device Spacer Cards, Catheter Backer Tray Cards, Needle Folding Cards, Orthopedic Kit Tray
Materials used are FDA grade material and traceable to meet FDA requirements and Recycling

Package Testing

AMS and ISO standards testing, which includes drop test and sterilization as well as accelerated testing requirments.
FDA requires that the manufacturer prove the sterility and viability of the product.

Meeting Standards

ASTM F88 Seal Strength, ASTM F1140 Burst Test (Unrestrained),  ASTM F1886 Determining Integrity of Seals by Visual Inspection, ASTM F1929 Dye Penetration, ASTM F2054 Burst Test (Restrained), ASTM F2096 Gross Leak detection (Bubble test), ASTM D4169 shipping simulation tests, ASTM F1980 simulated aging tests.


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